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Tournament Rules

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • It's all for the love of the game!
  • The fields are setup on the soft sand parallel to Ocean Boulevard.
  • Team outings and picnics are welcome and encouraged.
  • High school, town rec, town travel, club, college and adult teams are welcome.
  • Tournaments are single day events.
  • Games will be officiated by referees.
  • The earliest game time is 8:30am.
    • We are working with coaches to accommodate start times.
  • Teams are guaranteed three games in the Group Stage.

Team Rosters

  • Teams may roster 10 players per team for a game.
  • Teams may sign up with a team roster of 10+, however:
    • Team fee includes 12 wristbands (10 player + 2 coach).
    • Teams will choose a maximum of 10 players for each game.
    • It is encouraged to split large teams and that would require an additional team fee.

Player Equipment

  • No Shoes! Players play with barefoot or socks.
  • Shin pads and any hard plastic or metal medical equipment is prohibited.
  • Athletic and KT tape are okay.
  • Socks are totally optional and based on personal preference.

Tournament Format

Group Stage
  • Teams are guaranteed three games in this round-robin stage of the 5v5 sand soccer tournament.
  • Groups are made up of 4 (or more) teams.
  • Games are 3 x 10 minute long periods with 2 minute breaks.
  • Breaks happen after the 1st and 2nd periods.
Elimination Stage
  • This is the single-elimination "knock out" stage.
  • The teams with the highest point totals from the Group Stage will advance to this stage of the tournament.
  • 16 team brackets have quarter, semi and Championship finals.
  • 8 team brackets have semi-finals and Championship finals.

Game Rules

  • Game clock counts down with running time.
  • Group Stage Games: 3 x 10 minute long periods.
  • Elimination Stage Games: 3 x 10 minute long periods.
  • Elimination stage games cannot end in a tie.
  • If an elimination stage playoff game is tied after regulation time has expired, a winner will be decided by penalty kicks.

Penalty Kicks

  • When a game ends with tie score after regulation time has expired, teams are given a 2 minute break before sending 5 different players from each team to kick penalty shots.
  • Penalty shots are taken in alternating order starting with the team that scored the first goal of the game.
  • If still tied after all 10 shots, penalty kicks continue in sudden death format and rotate through the remaining 5 players.
  • Scoring a PK Win: The winning team is awarded one additional goal to break the tie.

Goalkeeper Rules

  • Goalkeepers may wear goalie gloves.
  • After making a save, goalkeepers have 4 seconds to pass the ball.
  • Goalkeepers may roll, throw or pass the ball.
  • Goalkeepers cannot punt or drop kick.
  • Goalkeeper area extends from the goal-line to the 1/4 mark of the pitch, which is marked by flags placed outside the side-line.
  • Goalkeepers may use their hands within their Goalkeeper area.

*The rules are subject to change only for the betterment of the game and only after careful consideration from soccer players, coaches and referees.

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